Schizophrenia does according to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)

14.5 per thousand doesn’t sound like many people at first glance but when you play with that number it starts to look more impressive.

For instance that’s 1,450 people in 100,000 or 10,450 people in a million, the population…

I even checked for myself in a roundabout sort of way.

2017 is the most up to date information at this time as it says latest release and I found this information a few days ago. In the world we live in I’d have one hundred thousand quid in student loans as I’ve had five years of university including one year that I dropped out of the course followed by three years where I did an HND and topped up to a BSc and finally a year doing my PGCE.

People seem to think there’s nothing worse than taking handouts, that it’s simply the option of last resort, I would disagree for the reasons: You spent eleven years at school in a particularly rigorous system of education certainly one of the best educations the world has to offer young people…

The working people’s university

You’d be forgiven for thinking the OU would be a breeze, a few multiple choice questions to show understanding and away on to the next course but actually it’s really difficult, I have a joke that Oxford and Cambridge are the best universities in the country apart from of course…

I often feel ashamed applying for even modest work, the job specification is asking for some exceptional human being and I’m ashamed to say what about me, as it turns out I’m proven right each time when there are few if any replies, but on the other hand hang on a minute in some ways it could be said I am exceptional, I have a degree and two postgraduate qualifications and I’m reasonably presentable but I still don’t feel up to the job specification.

I grew up quite well in a good family environment and I have a wife and two children, I passed four university level courses in my earlier adult life including a science degree and qualifying to teach with a masters level teaching qualification called a PGCE, this all added up…

I think that I look fairly presentable in this image from a year or so ago, the education is nearly 20 years ago but it’s just as shiny as the day I passed it and in a way in my head it’s still a part of me.

It’s been a bit repetitive and I’m well and truly off the boil now but in my heart I still have a strong feeling to express myself about this, because I think it’s the times we’re all living in. Violence to the mind and psychology is still very much a fact of life in modern times.

A photo of me when I was much younger, I’m not sure when it was though

Mark Benniman

I'm a stay at home dad at the moment, I trained as a teacher of further education many years ago now

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